It's true that the N810 and the iPod Touch and similar devices may fail on the first go around, but they're indicative of a trend toward mobile computing and acceptance of using mobile devices to access the web and the growing catalog of web applications to get things done.

As wifi access becomes more ubiquitous and relying on cellular networks to get online via mobile devices becomes less important, I think we'll see a lot of growth in this market. As applications move online and access is everywhere, full-sized computers will be needed less, and will be less desirable, for many of our daily tasks.

The mobile phone (or mobile Internet device) as your primary computer may become a less foreign idea over the next few years in developed nations.

What do you think?
Is the mobile web (or, rather, using mobile devices to access the web) finally coming of age?
Are we set to see more of these devices flooding the marketplace in the future or will the idea never take off?

At the end of last year, only 15% of R/WW prognosticated that the mobile web would be the biggest web trend of this year.
Could the results for next year's predictions be different?
Source: Read/WriteWeb

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