Skype's slowing growth has recently raised some concerns about its future and the price Ebay paid for the VOIP provider. Ebay numbers may show that Skype users aren't really talking as much as the company wants them to, but they still talk a lot more than anyone else in the VOIP world: German traffic management company Ipoque estimates that 95 percent of all VOIP traffic is caused by Skype.

Ipoque published a report that analyzes P2P traffic trends this week, and Skype continues to be a noticeable factor in this space. From their press release:

"Voice over IP (VoIP) only accounts for one percent of the Internet traffic, but is used by 30 percent of all users. Skype is by far the most popular Internet telephony application."

30 percent of all German users, to be precise. Ipoque measures data at ISPs that use the company's traffic management applications, and the study is based on measurements from ISPs based in "Australia, Eastern Europe, Germany, the Middle East and Southern Europe."

Skype's popularity seems to vary significantly in these different places. The company estimates that 30 percent of Germany's internet population uses Skype, but only one percent uses SIP-based VOIP services. Skype's market share in the Middle East is just 7 percent, but SIP services don't seem to be any more popular there than in Germany.

Source: P2P Blog

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