Skypephone sells out

3 has been caught out by high levels of demand for its prepay Skypephone, with many stores selling out of handsets within days of its launch.

The prepay device, which allow users to make free Skype calls in exchange for a minimum monthly top-up of £10, is 'flying off the shelves', according to staff in 3 stores across the country.

Staff in a central London store said their initial allocation of 10 prepay handsets sold out a few days after the handset was launched. They added that their next delivery of 25 had already been pre-sold.

One of 3's Newcastle stores reported selling its stock of six prepay Skypephones in a day and a half, with half of its next batch of 10 handsets already reserved.

'Loads of people have walked in and asked what it's all about. I think it's the “wow” factor when you explain it and tell them it's free,' said one staff member. 'The reaction has been good,' added another.

A spokeswoman for 3 said demand had been high. She said: 'A number of stores have sold out, but there will be plenty of stock in for the weekend.'

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