"Kwout is a handy web-based quote maker that allows you to quote a webpage (or part of it) as an image with an image map. Basically, screenshots that can have links in them."

Imagine a graphic of part of a webpage as normal, except that highlighted links are valid, clickable urls.

The procedure once you've selected the area of the page to grab, requires some work -- it's basic and cumbersome. But there's already some user control and I hope more to follow.

Did I mention that you can also send a normal graphic file of your screengrab straight into your Flickr or Tumblr accounts, like this.

I reckon kwout could significantly assist anyone trying to explain any browser-based process. I'm thinking of website support, installation instructions, walk-thrus. But I'm sure that's just the beginning.

Grab one of the bookmarklets and give it a go!

Congratulations to the folks at kwout and thanks to Orli Yakuel's great Go2Web20 blog for the heads-up.

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