Blue MonsterSteve Hodson notes Robert Cringely’s prediction that Steve Balmer (as well as Bill Gates) will leave Microsoft during 2008 with some enthusiasm:

All I can say for this one is I sure frikken hope that of all of his crystal balling that this one actually comes true. I don’t care if he flunks out on every other one as long as this vision of Ballmer comes true - and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

Ballmer has become a blight on Microsoft and the sooner he takes a long walk off of a short pier all the better for the company. Now while Robert didn’t want to go out on a limb and complication the law of averages for this prediction by suggestion who would replace the sweating doofus I have two possibilities that could really make things interesting.

Steve Clayton

Hugh MacLeod

Chances of happening - slim to none but damn it would sure make for an interesting company in the aftermath.

I guess that either of the guys would probably present the company in a better light than Ballmer. Maybe Hugh’s Blue Monster will end up as the official Microsoft emblem!?
Now that would be a sight!

Source: WinExtra

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