S60 not a Touch on the iPhone

Came across a witty and incisive demolition of Nokia's stumbling over the touchscreen interface on Techype. You know it's going to be an interesting and entertaining read from the first paragraph:

S60 + Touch = ...?

Sadly, when the answer to that equation was shown, there were no surprises - if you hack a touchscreen onto a badly designed mess of a UI, you get a badly designed mess of a UI which can be controlled with touch. The iPhone experience was not a game changer in Finland after all.

After a full and frank examination of the S40 and S60 platforms (and landed a laudable sideswipe at the marketing profession), Raddedas moves in for the kill:

Nokia's S60 platform is confusing, obscure, constantly changing and always hugely underpowered and unresponsive, with software to do everything you might ever want to do, but after moving round the menus quite a lot you'll probably give up trying to find out how and just use it as a rather slow poor phone.

Nokia's S60 Touch seems to extend this experience by allowing you to move round the same menus with your finger smearing the screen.


It will take a massive sales hit to understand that this approach will not, in the long term, work out. They must innovate and diversify into handsets that are once again fun and/or efficient to use; even S40 is creaking under the weight of the features loaded into it now. Sadly Nokia have such huge sales volumes that they can coast for a long time without realising this, and their customers will be all the poorer because of it.

Couldn't agree more but I shan't be holding my breath...

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