Look at the chart above and you'll see two things happening. First, Apple has overtaken Symbian to become the top smartphone platform in the UK (with a 27 percent market share). And secondly, Android has grown 634 percent year-over-year to shoot into second place, with less than half a percentage point keeping it from the top spot (other reports already place it ahead). As you might expect, much of that growth isn't coming from folks switching from one smartphone to the other, but from new smartphone users -- Comscore found that 42 percent of all mobile users in the UK used a smartphone in May of this year, compared to just 27 percent a year ago. Of course, that also means that 58 percent of UK cellphone users are still potential smartphone users (to say nothing of those that still don't have a cellphone at all), so there's certainly still plenty up for grabs for all involved.
sourceComscore Data Mine

Tesco will become the first UK supermarket to offer customers free Wi-Fi in its stores.

The new service will allow smartphone, tablet and laptop users to surf the internet while browsing the aisles for their weekly shop at no cost.

The move follows US chains such as Starbucks and McDonalds, which currently offer Wi-Fi 'hotspots' at many of their UK locations, and is part of Tesco’s strategy to adapt to the changing shopping habits of its customers.

A Tesco spokeswoman told Mobile: ‘We are currently running trials for the new service in four of our stores and if it proved successful it will then be rolled out quickly across all our UK chains.’

Source: Mobile Today

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